Wedding Suits

Every Groom is a Star in His Own Right

There’s no denying that weddings are all about the bride. Everyone’s focus is on her – from the day she picks out her dress and plans out details of the wedding, and up until she walks down the aisle, everyone’s eyes are on her. Because of this, it’s only natural for some grooms to feel like they don’t have to dress up because they think no-one will care about their wedding suits.

But this shouldn’t be the case. Weddings are not all about the fanfare; it’s about celebrating the union of two people. As the groom, you should also know that although people’s eyes will be on your bride, your bride will only be looking at the person standing at the altar – and that’s you. It’s only natural to want to dress to the nines for this big event – and you should – because you’re also the star of your wedding day. You should be standing at the altar in a tailored suit that perfectly fits you and the occasion.

Suit Yourself can make the finest quality suit for this special event.

Basic Things You Should Know When Choosing a Suit

Suit Yourself is one of the best shops in Leicester for individually tailored formal men’s suits and wedding suit hire. We are known for making fine quality custom suits, shoes and formal menswear, and we carry well-known quality brands. We take inspiration from your ideas and turn them into suits that not only look exquisite, but also fits you perfectly.

Here are some tips on choosing the perfect suit to make your wedding day more special:

  • Choose suits that are appropriate. Your suit should be made specifically for the occasion. A formal suit you’d normally wear to a business meeting is not cut the same way wedding suits are.
  • Be smart, but not cheap. While it’s always important keep track of your expenses, don’t pull an Uncle Scrooge and be too cheap. Tailored suits are proven to be more practical than off-the-rack suits because the latter might not fit well. Our shop offers well-known brands for wedding suit hire which our tailors can alter to fit you perfectly.
  • Get involved in the process. With Suit Yourself’s made to measure tailoring service, you’ll be part of the most important phase of creating your formal suit. Our shop’s tailors will explain every detail you want to know about making your suit as they get your body measurements.

These might seem a little too much, but Leicester-based Suit Yourself will take a load off your mind by making sure that you’ll be wearing the perfect suit on your most special day.